How to Find Hidden Files in Windows 7

How to Find Hidden Files in Windows 7


Many  Microsoft Windows  users do not know nor do they care how their computer works as long as it performs as expected.  Then there are the others, who many are not computer experts but they are naturally curious as to how Windows not only works but also how can they tweak it to work according to how they want.  They are in luck because on Youtube, Sydrieg guides you step by step in discovering the hidden system files in Windows 7. Sydrieg, knowing that his targeted audience may not be computer savvy, takes his time going step by step in guiding his audience into changing their computer to their liking:

Now for those who do not have the time to watch the 3 minute video, here is a step by step guide in uncovering the hidden files on your Windows 7 computer:

First click on the Windows globe at the bottom left of your screen and select Control Panel.

You will then see the option to show hidden files and folders:

A box will appear that will give you the option to see the hidden files and folders:

Click the button to show hidden files and then click the apply and ok buttons.  You will then see all of the hidden files and folders on your computer.

Figuring out how your computer is not as hard as you  might think. All it takes is a little bit of time and a curious nature and you will soon be the computer expert your family and friends will depend upon.

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